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9 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives available that You Can Play

In terms of worldwide popularity, PUBG Mobile is by far the most popular. It’s fine to stop playing PUBG Mobile when you’re bored or it’s been banned in your country, but don’t let that put you down. We have created a list of the best PUBG Mobile Alternatives available that You Can Play.

Some of the most popular and visually stunning games, as well as some of the most entertaining ones, have been gathered here just for you. Take into consideration one of the PUBG Mobile alternatives available. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the other games you might play on your Android and iOS platforms instead of PUBG.


List of Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives available that You Can Play:

CoD Mobile: 1st Pubg Mobile alternatives

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Most of the players diverted to play the other competing giant Call of Duty: Mobile. It has over 100 million downloads on the play store powered by Google, and it takes approximately 2 GB of internal storage. It has a variety of graphics settings that makes the game playable even on your budget devices and budget phones, and you don’t need any high-end gaming phone.

CoD Mobile offers up to 100 players with a 5v5 deathmatch and also a number of other playing environments with different rules and full-on massive Battle Royale.

The player can use different outfits for their characters to look more dashing and fierce. There are a number of free outfits available and also you can buy even more with the in-game money as well.

There are many weapons and characters available in the game. For all the weapons, there are customized skins and shapes available in the in-game store. You can buy new characters by using in-game currency. Just download COD Mobile and start playing this incredible game right away.

There’s no time to waste. Game servers are in the United States of America. As a result, there is little probability that the game will be banned.

It is available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store. It is one of Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android & iOS)


Garena Free Fire: 2nd Pubg Mobile alternatives

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Garena Free Fire is another great mobile gaming title. It has more than 400 million downloads on “Play Store powered by google”. Its popularity mainly depends on its amazing overzealous gameplay and very minimal graphics settings. These features make this title playable on even low-end devices. And also, due to numerous national and international championships all around the world, it has become more popular. These championships and million-dollar prize pools brought the attraction of players all over the world.

This game is likewise well-known, but it has failed to capture the interest of gamers. New Seasons coming regularly. Creators also add new features to the game regularly. It’s also a great game to play because it includes a wide variety of modes to choose from.

Battle Royale game mode has equipped with the capacity for up to 50 players. Each game has a time limit of 10 minutes per game. As in PUBG, here you can also drive vehicles while battling and can upgrade and customize in-game characters as well.

Gameplay allows the squad of 4 players to carry on into Battle Royale. 4vs4 clash round added in the game. This game is so modest that it requires only 500MB of internal space in your mobile. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android iOS)


Fortnite: 3rd Pubg Mobile alternatives

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Fortnite is removed from the Play Store and App Store due to its payment methods. Even so, there are a few Android Phone stores where you may get the game. Like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Store contains Fortnite.

On the downside, the game is graphics-hungry and takes huge internal storage. So, does not operate properly on low-end smartphones. To enjoy the best possible gaming experience, you must have a smartphone in the mid-to high-range price range.
The Fortnite game requires a 7.2 GB download and 8 GB of storage space on the phone to run properly. Epic’s website or the Samsung Store are the only options left for Android users from where they can download such masterpiece.After it was deleted from iOS devices, it is no longer available.

On this list, Fortnite is somewhat different than the other shooter games. You can create walls, artillery, and pitfalls around yourself in order to protect yourself. It’s also possible to transfer your favorite skins from PC to console via data synchronization. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link


Battlelands Royale: 4th Pubg Mobile alternatives

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Battlelands Royale is a Fun oriented game that can be played alone or people can make a squad to play with. Every round of the game has a time limit of up to 5 minutes which is considerably good for short concentration span people. Players can land on the different locations available on the map to get some loot before they begin the clash.

Teams battle up till the end of 5 minutes to become the “last man standing” to win the war The game can be playable on every device. Even on the low-end phones because it requires only 200 Megabytes of total internal space to give you the joy of life you want. Like many other big titles, you can customize the skin and outfits of your characters in so many ways to look great.

Battlelands Royale is created and developed by Finland-based Futureplay. It going to be very popular in the near future because of its vast platform compatibility and can be played on android and iOS devices as well. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android & iOS)


Black Survival: 5th Pubg Mobile alternatives

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Black Survival game is animated and has somewhat similar characteristics to the battle Royale games. It is created and developed by a company named Archbears. This is a Korean Origin company and becoming a big hug for developing games as time passes.

This game is based on the survival-based mechanism with each round up to 20 minutes of duration. Its format is PVP. Map in this game has very well organized 22 locations for the fight.

It is very similar to PUBG mobile and CoD mobile. As the timer continues the playing circle gets narrower till the very last second. It too has some Character customizing capabilities. But. after all these magnificent features at very low internal storage and graphics demands it lacks the true spirit of a battle royale game. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android iOS)



Last Battleground: 6th Pubg Mobile alternatives

This game is very similar to PUBG mobile, Call of duty mobile, and other available Battle Royale games in terms of gameplay it offers. In the gameplay 32 players are deployed to fight against each other and get the winning title in the end. This game offers very polished controls and it’s so easy to handle that even newbies can play like pros.

Gladiators deployed on the battleground reach different destinations on a map and collect guns and ammunition to fight against the other gladiators. To bring the opponents close to each other this game has features like PUBG mobile in which the blue area gets narrower. If the players remain in the blue zone then they are gonna die after some time. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android & iOS)


Guns Royale: 7th alternative

Another type of Battle Royale game that we are going to describe is the Guns Royale. Players have to survive till last and get a possibility to improve their shooting skills. While playing Guns Royale, new tactics and skills begin to develop in the players.

The format of this game is more or less similar to other battle royale games where you need to find the new and various guns to battle with opponents. New and heavy guns give the opportunity to the players to ace the other teams and become victorious.

The game is available to play on android devices and has a very well-built infrastructure and amazing gameplay. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.

Download Link (Android iOS)


Last Day on Earth: Survival. 8th alternative

It is a survival-based game in a world full of zombies after an apocalypse. This is a future-based game, as it has been demonstrated to occur in 2027 when the human population was wiped off of the planet Earth as a consequence of a fatal virus that infected all humans.

All the people who got infected with that virus turned into the walking dead or zombies which wander on the earth to infect and kill the people who have survived the outbreak. And the people who left formed a resistance against zombies by collecting and developing guns to survive as long as possible.

The game has a variety of maps and locations to fight with the zombies and also has different events going on. You can play this game with your loved ones sitting around the globe because it’s an online game. The game also has a set of different costumes that you can try. This game only requires 400 megabytes of internal storage of your smartphone to make you happy with its gameplay. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.


Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground: 9th alternative

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Though Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground lingers around the same idea of all the typical Battle Royale games. But, its graphics remind me of the mighty Minecraft. This game is also identical to the games that we have discussed earlier in the topic. Players ace the game by fighting on Barren island after being thrown off by a Chopper.

But this game has something unique that others have in one aspect and lacks in the other. In this miniature world, you can play as a solely single player or you can form up a team to help you in the fight. Also, you can play survival mode in which warriors have to fight against deadly zombies, very similar to the game we discussed earlier.

Warriors of this game can select their weapons from 30 different options. They can also customize their outfits according to their desire and need. Warriors also have the options to move around the map in various different vehicles. It is one of 9 Best PUBG mobile alternatives indeed.



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