Privacy Policy

Our statement tells all about the privacy related to all services delivered by us

User Privacy never demands your personal information for its own purpose, we use your provided information to give back response only. Except for law enforcement authorities for motive of investigations we don’t give, trade or share any of your personal information to a third-party company or individual.

Programs for Traffic Analysis

For security and to make availability of our services to all the users and visitors our site may use programs to monitor the traffic related data to check for maleficent attempts to steal or alter information provided by our website that may lead to loss of asset. We also monitor our traffic to analyze users’ information like OS, web browsers, monitor resolution and similar kind of data. In case of any mishap law enforcement agencies will have the authority to carry out investigations and will be having provision to any kind of visitor’s data available to us through our website which will help the authorities to identify the named person/persons.

Newsletters and mails

Do subscribe to our e-mail newsletters to get updated faster than others. will only ask for contact information only to send you our newsletters and we guarantee that we won’t spam you. Receivers can also unsubscribe our service using the instructions written at the end of e-mail newsletter.

Third Party Advertising

Users of should know that cookies on their browsers may be read by third party companies or they may be using web beacons to gain the information to serve the ads on our website.

Privacy of External Website Links

Our website may contain the external links to others website so our user must be careful about the privacy terms of those website while surfing them. We bare no responsibility of such websites.